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Define your Event-types

Open Social Open Social • 23 November 2017

Events in the community can be structured/categorized by event types. 

Event types are basically the same as topic types, but there is an important difference: you can choose to not to use event types at all.

Example of event types:

  • Online events
  • Offline events
  • Webinars
  • Events related to a specific training program
  • Staff meetings

When enabled, all members will need to choose an event type when creating an event. You can also pre-define a few types but remember that it is not mandatory to choose one. Or simply add an 'other' type, which will help because having only a few event types will not always cover every possible type of event scenario. 


Event type examples


Event type filters!
The categories make it easier to browse and filter through all the events in the platform, in a group, or on someone's profile.

Read more about how to create an event type here.