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Geo Location Filters and Event Map

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Open Social Open Social • 15 May 2019

Search for content and users nearby!

To make it easier for your users to find events, users and groups near them, you can enable the GEO LOCATION feature.
This is a very powerful feature for users to connect with other members or content tight to a specific location.
Tip: inform your users about this new feature when enabling it, and encourage them to fill in their location details.

  1. Location filters on the search
    On the user, event and group search, you are now able to enter a city and a location range. It will search within that range. 
     Location filter
  2. Event map
    A Site Manager can choose to display a map that shows all events with a location, above the event overview.
     map example



Site manager settings

The feature comes with 2 settings on the dashboard:

- Enable Geo location
This setting makes sure the location filters and the event map on the event overview are both activated. The event overview is this page:

setting 1


- Configure Geo location
You can choose which service you want to use, to display the map:


Geo maps

When chosing OpenStreetMap, you don't have to configure anything else. This is a free service, but might not always be as accurate and has some restrictions.

When choosing Google Maps API, you need to provide an API key.
This is useful when you have a lot of users, groups or events and rely on the geolocation data to be correct.

More info on Google Maps API: and