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LinkedIn Insight Tag

Open Social Admin
Open Social Admin Open Social • 26 October 2021

What is the LinkedIn Insight Tag? 

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a lightweight JavaScript tag that powers conversion tracking, website audiences, and website demographics. The Insight Tag should be incorporated as a standard component of your website's pages to enable these LinkedIn Marketing Solutions features.

1.0 Access your LinkedIn Insight Tag

  1. Sign in to Campaign Manager

  2. Click add the account name

  3. Click the Account Assets tab in the top navigation bar and select Insight Tag from the dropdown

  4. Click Install my Insight Tag

  5. Select the method I will use a tag manager

  6. Click to view the partner ID for your Insight Tag to be used with your tag management systems. 

2.0 Configure the module in Open Social

  1. Go to the /admin/config/system/linkedin-insights page to fill the Partner ID and configure which user roles will be tracked
    LinkedIn Insight Tag Settings


Then save it! Now you have it.