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Registration options in Open Social

Open Social Open Social • 23 October 2017

There are 3 registration options that can be set-up in your Open Social platform. You can reach this setting via the dashboard: /admin/config/people/accounts

registration options


1. Open Sign-up 
Setting: visitors

This means that the 'sign-up' button in the top-right menu is visible, and everyone can create an account. On top of that, one can choose to let users verify their email before they are able to enter the site. Read about the pros and cons!

2. Approval process
Setting: Visitors, but Site manager approval is required

The 'sign-up' button is visible, but after inserting their name and email address, a user will see a message that a Site Manager needs to approve their registration.
Site Managers receive an email notification with a link to approve a user. Until it is approved, the account has a status ' blocked'. A Site Manager can 'un-block' the user via the People Overview.


3. On invitation
Setting: Site managers only

In this option, the sign-up button is hidden and only Site Managers can create accounts for users via the People Overview. The invited user then receives an email with a login link.