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Send Invites to Join Group

Open Social Admin Open Social • 24 August 2020

Send Invites to Join Group


Whether you have members in your community who you’d like to see participating in a group you’ve created or somebody who is not yet a member of the community and should definitely not miss out. You can invite these new or existing users to the community by adding them directly into your group.

How does it work?

When you create a flexible group, you have the option to chose the invite-only option. This allows the group manager/ creator of the group - to only invite users to the group. A user can only join the group if they received an invitation. 

Access permissions


Once the group is created, you can go to the manage members tab, click invite users and you will be redirecting to a page where you can find users by their username or by adding their email addresses. It will accept multiple email addresses (make sure you separate them by a comma or semicolon) as well as autocomplete any existing users you might want to select.

Invite users

When sending these invites, an email will automatically be sent to all the users with an invitation to join the group directly. The buttons below provide further information on the group and on the community (image shown below).

Before sending the invites, we will show you a collapsible preview of the email for you to check. 
Preview email example


Manage Members and Invitations

In the manage members tab, you have the option to view the status of all your invitations under the add members tab. There you can view who accepted, declined or is still awaiting to confirm or decline your invitation. Or if you change your mind, this is where you would have the option to cancel it.


Sending invites from a Group Manager perspective


Logged In User Invitation

If the invited user is already a member of the platform, they will receive a new invite notification in their notification center. Moreover, they will see a new indicator with a link to an overview of all their invites. This link will direct them to all of the pending invites. (the video below showcases it)


Anonymous User Invitation

Users who are not yet a member of the platform will just receive that beautiful email and will first have to complete the registration process before they can accept or decline the invite, allowing the full circle of invites to complete.