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Request to Join Group

Open Social Admin Open Social • 24 August 2020

Request to Join Group

This feature allows managers or organizers to decline or accept potential new members to groups. 

Group managers are able to structure their groups in such a way that others can request membership to their groups. But will let the manager decide to approve or decline this request,  keeping them in charge of their groups. This currently only works on closed and flexible groups. 

Group managers

When a user creates a group, he automatically becomes a group manager which allows him to manage the group on his terms.

For example, when he creates a flexible group/ closed group he has the option to choose how users can join the group.  One option is - request to join - group - where group managers have the option to approve or decline the request. 

Access permissions


This allows users who would like to become a member of a group can now visit the group page and see a new Request to Join button. This will result in a pop-up that allows them to fill in an optional message or just send the request immediately.



As a result, the Group manager will be notified about the incoming requests on the group page as well as through the notification center.

The group manager will have to accept or decline these requests himself. 

After approving the request, the users are directly added, the user will receive a notification once their request is approved, yet not if declined.