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Structure your Community

Open Social Open Social • 23 November 2017

Open Social has a default structure that consists of topics/events/groups/profiles. Although this is a great initial structure, there is a lot of flexibility to structure the site according to your community's needs. 

Before you start adding content, take a step back and draw/write down the different content categories you want your community to contain and how prominently they should be shown to your users.

Open Social mainly revolves around dynamic content created by the community members. The streams show the content that was most recently created or is currently active in discussion. This means that content that was created a long time ago or discussions that have been inactive may not be very visible among other content.

Even though your members can use the search to find relevant content, there is always content that you want to push to your members instead of them searching for it (and how do you expect them to search for content they are not aware of :p).

It really helps to have a clear content structure, so your users will easily follow the content consumption behavior that you planned for.

The following functionality helps you create a content structure. It's best is to get familiar with each of these so that you have a good overview of possibilities when creating a structure. 

Read the sections to see examples of how to use these!