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Open Social Open Social • 23 November 2017

Basic pages and book pages are content types that only management roles can create. This type of content does not show up in the streams when they are created, nor are they visible on the profile of the author. However, they do show up in the search results.

This content is useful for creating static content that can be reached via the menu.

The base of these pages is the same; you can fill in a title and a body text. But the book page has the option to create a collection of pages, like a book with chapters. Actually, the page you are reading at the moment is created as a book page. You can see that the chapters in this book are presented in the right section of this page: ' Table of contents'. And at the bottom, it shows an additional way of browsing through the book pages.


Book page example
Book page example
Basic page example
Basic page example


Some great examples of when to use book pages are:

  • Training material
  • Manuals 
  • Bundling organizational information
  • Release notes

Click here to learn how to create a book structure.


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After creating your static content pages, you can add them as a link in the main menu or footer menu.