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Organization Profiles for Members

Adela Kalkantova
Adela Kalkantova Open Social • 21 February 2022

Organization Profiles for Members

This chapter explains how a logged in user (LU) can view and follow Organization Profiles, join an Organization Profile as a member, add content and groups to an Organization Profiles, and submit a new Organization Profile. 

Note: The Organization Profiles are not a part of the default Open Social product but can be ordered as an extension module.


Follow Organization Profiles

Organization details with Follow buttonAny member in the community can follow any Organization Profile. An overview of all organizations can be found under the direct URL: /all-organizations. There, a member can follow an organization on the organization profile itself (direct URL example: /organization/1/) by clicking on the “Follow” button.

After following an organization, this button will say “Unfollow” and any update to the profile, including changes to the content, will trigger a notification to the member - in platform, email and push notifications. A member can control the notifications in their Settings (direct URL example: /user/2/account/), as well as they can decide to unfollow the organization. To unfollow an organization, a member should click on the “Unfollow” button.

Furthermore, a member will be able to access the list of their Following organizations in the Navigation Menu under their Profile Image under “Following Organizations” (direct URL: /following-organizations).

Following Organizations

Join an Organization Profile as a member

To join an organization as a member, a member can either freely join, be invited or directly added by OM+, or they can request to join. This depends on the Organization Profile’s visibility settings. 

  • If the Org. Profile is set to “Open to Join”, a member will see the “Join” button on the Organization Profile. This will guide them through the process of joining. 
  • If the Org. Profile is set to “Request to Join”, a member will see the “Request to join as a member” button. This will guide them through the process of requesting to join.
  • If the Org. Profile is set to “Invitation Only”, a member will see “Invitation only” instead of the button. For this, a member can only be added by OM+ directly or by invitation.

Alternatively, a member can also join an organization when they are editing their profile (direct URL example: /user/2/edit/). Under Organization, a member can search for their organization and if the organization is set to “Open to Join”, they can add it to their profile and become an organization member at once.

Add Content & Groups to an Organization Profile

Any approved Organization Member can add any content and groups to their Organization Profile (incl. extensions). It is similar to adding Content Tags whereby each content/group must be individually tagged with the organization. The author/creator of the content, as well as CM+, can add an organization when creating or editing the content. 

For example, if you want to add a new event to an Organization Profile, you should create a new event, fill in all the details, and under Settings search to select an Organization. In the scenario that you want to add existing content or groups, simply edit the content to add the Organization and save it. Now, the content or group will be tagged as well as available to showcase on the Organization Profile. 

Assign an Organization to Content or a Group

Submit a new Organization Profile

Based on the configuration of the Organization Profiles determined by a Site Manager, members might be able to create a new Org. Profile or they can submit a request for approval. 

Learn more about approving Organization Requests here.

In the case that a member is trying to add an organization to their profile (direct URL example: /user/2/edit/) but the organization does not exist yet, a notification text will be displayed under the Organization field:

“It looks like the organization [name entered] isn’t on the platform yet.

Would you like to submit a request and become the Organization Manager of [name entered]? “

Submit an organization profile request as a member

A user can then click on “submit a request” which will navigate to the Create an Organization page (direct URL:/organization/add/). There, the user can fill out the organization details and request the organization. The details include:

  • Title 
  • Logo
  • Summary
  • Description
  • Type of organization
  • Address 
  • Organization contact
  • Organization links (Organization website URL and Link text)
  • Internal link (Content or Group and label) 
  • Organization Managers
  • Join methods 
  • Author

Submitting this request will trigger a notification to CM+ which can follow the approval process as explained in the Organizational Profiles for Content Managers section. If the organization request is approved, the user who made the request will automatically before an Organization Manager as well as be notified with notifications. 

Learn more about the Organization Manager Role here.