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Anonymous Event Enrollment to public events

Open Social Open Social • 24 August 2018

When organizing an event, an event manager can determine whether people who don't have an account of the community may also participate in the event.

When this is enabled, platform visitors can enroll in public events by simply filling in their name and email, without having to create an account or login in the community.

This is a very useful feature to introduce people to the community via these events. These public events can be shared across social media as well, so they can reach a large crowd and attract attendees.

The anonymous (AN) enrollment feature also includes several relevant platform-wide settings:

  • Site managers can enable or disable this functionality. 
  • Site managers can configure if anonymous enrollment feature is enabled/disabled by default for each event. 
  • Site managers can decide if event organisers are able to enable or disable this feature for each event they organise. 


Setting up the feature

As a Site Manager

First, enable the platform setting via the dashboard.






    There are 3 settings:

    1. first one is to enable the feature. Event organisers can then decide per event if they want to allow AN to enroll to their public event.
    2. Enabling the second checkbox (allow AN users to enroll in new events by default) will make sure that when creating a public event by default AN can enroll to the event. The event organiser is not allowed to change this per event.
    3. Enabling the third checkbox (which appears after selecting the second one) will make sure that event organiser have the permission to override the default of setting nr. 2


    Second, (optional) re-write the notification visitors will receive after enrolling, in your own tone of voice: 


    If the data policy agreement is created for the platform, the consent to it will also be asked when enrolling in events as anonymous users. 

    data policy agreement

    Read more about informing about personal data usage:

    As an Event Organizer

    When this feature is enabled by the site manager, the event organizer can enable this feature for a specific event by checking the provided checkbox, when creating a public event.


    When an AN user enrolls in the event, their attendance is visible in a separate tab, including the name and email address in case the event managers want to contact the user or send updates.

    tab and anonymous user info


    AN enrollment as an Anonymous User

    A visitor can enroll in the event by filling in the form with their name and email address, and, if enabled, by agreeing to the privacy policy.

    sign up

    The user will receive an email that confirms the sign-up, which also includes a link to cancel the enrollment. After canceling the enrollment, the user's personal data used for the enrollment is also deleted.

    cancel enrollment

    Normal users will be able to spot the number of anonymous attendees in the enrollments block.

    side block