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Microsoft 365 Integration

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Open Social Admin Open Social • 30 November 2021

Microsoft 365 Integration

This chapter explains what the Microsoft 365 Integration allows on an Open Social platform for logged in users.

Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product but can be ordered as an extension module.

Is your organization already using Teams, Word, OneDrive, Outlook or another Microsoft 365 tool? Bring your organization members together online with a fully integrated online community.

Integrating your workplace tools with your online community lets you create a collaborative platform that lets members socialize while working together.

Microsoft 365 is the preferred suite for businesses and organizations everywhere. Open Social can help you integrate your online community with a range of Microsoft 365 services including: Outlook, Teams, calendars, Sharepoint, Yammer and more.

What does the Microsoft 365 Integration do?

With the integration on your platform, your members can:

  • Search documents on Sharepoint, including pagination results in Groups
  • Find documents and results based on visibility settings set in MS365
  • Chat Teams connection from member profile
  • Access personal MS365 apps via widgets next to Stream, on Dashboard or on Landing Page
  • Access widgets with recent documents
  • Access widget with upcoming calendar events
  • Access widgets with last and unread emails
  • Add links in content to a document in Sharepoint
  • Connect an Open Social group to a Teams group
  • Show Teams group documents in an Open Social group
  • Send a personal chat message via Open Social to a Teams chat, and jump to the full chat via a quick link
  • Open documents of MS365 via browser or desktop app
  • See avatar with availability of members

How does it work on Open Social?

Several icons, pages and widgets will be added to the platform with the integration. You can select with Microsoft 365 product you'd like enabled on the platform. 


Disclaimer: As of December 2021, this integration is still in progress. Detailed manual with screenshots will be added as soon as possible. Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to learn more about the integration.