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Spam Protection

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Open Social Admin Open Social • 9 June 2021

Spam Protection Extension

This chapter explains how our SPAM protection operates and includes. 

Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/distro) but can be ordered as an extension module. 


Add a multi-layered barrier against spam and abusive content

Open Social’s Spam Protection gives you multiple layers of protection against unwanted, harmful and abusive content on your community platform.

Add multiple layers of smart protection across your platform:

  • Block bots and harmful actors from accessing and entering your community
  • Filter abusive user-generated content and images with WebPurify’s AI moderation
  • Automatically unpublish content flagged or reported by your members

spam protection


Keep your community safe and clean with Web Purify and CleanTalk

Open Social’s spam protection employs two leading protection services working together to keep your community secure.

CleanTalk uses cloud spam protection to protect your platform from bots and harmful actors by blocking sign-ups from suspicious locations or IP addresses.

WebPurify is a modern foolproof solution for monitoring abusive user-generated content. Powered by AI technology it lets you block profanities with smart filters and keep offensive images off your platform with live image moderation.


If you need further information or want to have a demo showcasing the extension, please contact your customer success manager or sales representative.