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Open Social Open Social • 27 February 2017
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Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/distro) but can be ordered as an extension module. 


Social signup and login functions allow users to signup and login easily with their accounts from social platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  

The social signup and login function is disabled by default. A Site Manager can choose to enable it. You can find detailed descriptions of how to set this up for each platform here:


Once it is enabled, there are a few good-to-know things:

  • If permitted during the sign-up process, the user’s name, email address and profile image can be automatically retrieved from other social platforms. 

  • Users are still able to choose a different email address and username during the sign-up process. 

  • Users need to signup with or connect to another social account before being able to login with it. 
  • Users can connect to multiple social accounts and login with them. 
  • When a user signed up with a social account, he/she can remove it later on. 
  • When a user signed up with an email in the first place, he/she can add a social account to make logging in easier later. 
  • The options of adding or removing a social account can be found on the Settings page.
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Add or remove social accounts
Add or remove social accounts