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Open Social Open Social • 11 March 2020

Poll Extension

This chapter explains how the Poll feature works for regular users, content creators, and site managers.


Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/distro), but can be ordered as an extension module.


Add a Poll

To add a poll: Login > go to Content > Polls

Direct URL: /poll/add   


Add a poll


After you've clicked the on Polls, you'll land on the Poll overview page with all polls (direct url: /admin/content/poll), and you can find the '+Add a poll' button on the top right side.

This includes:

  • Question

  • Choices

  • Author

  • Active

  • Duration: the time period users can vote

  • Accessiblity

    • Anonymous user can vote

    • User can cancel their own votes

    • Users can view voting results

  • Description

  • Group

Add a new poll


Once you have saved the Poll, you are done! It was this easy.

Example poll

Vote on your answer^

View your vote on a poll

The result^


Add to Landing Page 


Edit Landing Page > Add section > Add Block > Secondary > Choose Poll > Add title 

Add Poll in Block

            *In the Primary you can add a stream & in Secondary you can add Poll(s). 

Most recent poll

After placing the Most recent poll block, you can select the poll of your preference to appear. 

Select a poll on landing page

Afterwards, you can save it and it will appear on the Landing Page next to the stream as Block (see image below). 

Poll on a landing page

For more information on how to create a Landing Page, click here.

Add to Dashboard       


Add poll to DB


Afterwards, you can save it and it will appear on the Dashboard, depending on what block format you placed it (see image below). 

Polls on Dashboard


For more information on how to create a Dashboard, click here.


Add to Group

When creating or editing a poll, one of the options allows you to add a poll to a group. After selecting a group, the poll will appear on the information tab of the group.


Poll on a group