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Open Social Open Social • 17 April 2018
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This manual explains how the Discussions Extension works for regular users, site managers, and content managers. This page explains what the extension is and what it does.

Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social core product but is part of the Sea and Ocean package, request for enablement.


What are Discussions?

The Discussions extension provides community members a place to ask questions, start discussions and get to know each other, separately from your Topics. Similar to any content on the platform, a discussion can be created by a logged-in user, added to groups, and featured on landing pages or dashboards. The extension allows:

  • Discussions with assigned moderators and a start/end date.
  • Comments using an editor with styling 
  • Discussions placement in- or outside a group
  • An overview of all discussions can be placed as a link in the menu  
  • Content tagging for filtering
  • Approval of comments and anonymous comments
  • Forum view for discussion rooms
A discussion example


discussion thread with moderators
discussion thread with moderators



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