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Discussions & Moderators

Open Social Open Social • 17 April 2018

Discussion & Moderator Features


This chapter explains how the Discussions and Moderators features work for regular users, site managers, and content managers.


Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/distro), but can be ordered as an extension module for Premium and Enterprise clients. 


Discussions and Moderators -
as any logged-in users.

The Discussion feature allows any logged-in user to create a timeboxed discussion. This means that the discussion occurs within a fixed time period.

  • A discussion is comprised of moderators and a start-end date.
  • A member can comment including an editor that allows them to style their comments.
  • Discussions overview can be placed in- or outside a group, and an overview of all discussions can be placed as a link in the menu.  
  • By default, the overview can be found under the explore menu. 
a discussion
discussion details


discussion thread with moderators
discussion thread with moderators