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Open Social Open Social • 17 April 2018

Adding Extensions 


We have 3 packages, Lake, Sea, and Ocean. Each package includes a set of extensions. 

Like bodies of water, Lake is the ‘modest sized’ plan yet, offering more than 14 extensions. These extensions are the Resource LibraryDashboardGamificationCustomized Content AccessContent SchedulerGoogle Analytics, and more with a focus on providing a complete solution.

Sea offers additional extensions with enhanced engagement opportunities, including DiscussionsCoursesCrowd InnovationForms and SurveysOrganization ProfilesMembership Payments, and a Multi-Language Interface.

Ocean is tailored for large established communities that may need additional hosting and/or security, or even custom developments. The Ocean package also includes the branded Native App for a single community and the BigBlueButton Integration.

Extensions such as Zoom IntegrationReal-time Chat, and Real-time Collaboration, remain as add-ons to all of the solution packages, providing the flexibility to enhance any community. 


Request an extension or an upgrade in packages?

Please contact your customer success manager if you would like to purchase an extension!

Check out all the extensions here: