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Open Social Open Social • 17 April 2018

Adding Extensions 

Premium and Enterprise customers have the option to add extensions to their platform upon request.

What does Premium and Enterprise mean?

In short: Open Social comes in three different versions: Basic, Premium and Enterprise.

The Basic package offers all the basic features and up to 1,000 users but does not include extensions and integrations.

The Premium package offers the same features, goes up till 10,000 users, and includes concierge onboarding. You also have the possibility to expand your community with additional extensions.

Our Enterprise package has unlimited users and includes extensions, integrations, and quarterly success meetings. 

Request an extension

The extensions can be purchased on request. Please contact your team lead if you would like to purchase an extension!

For Basic plan customers, if you are interested in extensions please reach out to

Read detailed information about these features:

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