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Open Social Open Social • 5 April 2017

1. Create an App


  1. Go to

  2. Click on Credentials

  3. Choose OAuth Client ID

  4. Fill in all fields in the popup window

  5. Click “Create”



2. Click on Create Credentials and then Choose OAuth Client ID


3. Fill in form and click create. 

Copy and paste from here to set the addresses: 

  • http://[domain]/user/login/google/callback
  • http://[domain]/user/register/google/callback
  • http://[domain]/user/social-api/link/google/callback

Google+ 4


3.0. Configure the module

1. Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret from the popup

Google+ 5


2. Go to the “/admin/config/social-api/social-auth/google” page

Dashboard link

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